The virtual Event Planner is an interactive tool that will help plan temporary event accommodation for outdoor events.

The software enables Event Organisers to select their required number and type of Cabins and Toilets, and then select their required furnishings for each Cabin; the furnishings are drawn to scale and can be positioned in the preferred location in the Cabins. The furnishings are selected from a drop down list or custom-made furnishings can be inserted.

Additionally, partitioning with or without doors can be positioned within the Cabins. The Toilets and Cabins with their content configurations, can be saved, printed and emailed to Qdos Event Hire for a complete quotation.

The Outdoor Event ground plan dimensions can be inserted in the planner and then the chosen Cabins and Toilets, which are to scale, can be positioned on the plan.

The ground plan helps Event Organisers to find the optimum layout and ease communication regarding the location of units on site. The ground plan can be saved, printed and emailed to Qdos Event Hire for their information for installation of the Cabins and Toilets at the Event.

The simple-to-use Event Planner software is designed to save Event Organisers time and effort. Visit our Event Planner to see how Cabin and Toilet internal configurations and site locations can be organised in just a few clicks.

Neil Hickton, Managing Director of Qdos Event Hire said “The Event Planner is a great tool that we believe is simple to use and beneficial to our clients’ in organising their Events. This interactive software is the future for Event Planning.”