Exclusive to Scotland

Our Scottish depot has some additional sanitation units and cabins that are available for hire exclusively to events in the North. It includes a range of cabins, ticket offices, accessible toilets, mains jackleg toilets, luxury toilets and showers.

Mains Jackleg Toilets

Our fleet of mains jackleg toilets include male, female and mixed units. They are available in a variety of configurations and range in size from 10’ to 20’. They can be connected to mains water or supplied with tanks.


Additional cabins available include 10’, 16’, 20’, 24’, 28’ and 40’ offices in a variety of layouts. Specific 24’ and 40’ units include a kitchen area.


Accessible Toilets

Accessible toilets available exclusively in the North include a 10’ self-contained toilet unit and a 28’ male/ female/ accessible unit. Both are fully DDA compliant.


Ticket Offices

The ticket offices are 16’ x 9’ and come complete with 4 point-of-sale windows with counters underneath. Several of the units include an accessible window so are perfect for wheelchair users. 

Luxury Toilets

We have several VIP and VVIP options available for events in the North for events that require something extra special. These include the Vacloo (with and without vacuum flushing) and Luxe units.


We have a range of shower buildings available in various sizes and layouts. Some of the units come complete with male and female toilets. All are fitted with individual cubicles and separate changing areas.

For a comprehensive list of the units available for events in the North and their corresponding plans please visit our CLIENT AREA and scroll down to the Exclusive to Scotland section.