The Containex modular buildings range is suitable for all your temporary accommodation requirements and offers an array of design options.

CONTAINEX Portable Cabin/Office

  • Easily interchangeable wall panels made of insulated galvanized metal sheet profiles
  • Excellent heat and sound insulation
  • Robust steel frame with container corners and forklift pockets
  • Wide variety of internal layout and design options including sanitary and electrical equipment
  • Easily expandable through combination with additional modular cabins of varying designs and purposes

CONTAINEX Modular Buildings

  • Buildings achievable with up to 3 storeys of office, sanitary or accommodation space
  • Perfect for site offices, temporary accommodation or event offices / welfare space
  • Quick and efficient set-up and removal, owing to modular design and quality manufacturing

Sanitary Cabin

  • Quick assembly / set up on site and thus prompt availability for immediate use
  • Robust steel construction with highly insulated walls, roof and flooring
  • Fresh water accessible, no chemical use required
  • Various further equipment options availably depending on wide range of usage purposes
  • Energy efficiency through combination of Stop + Go Taps, Hygrostatic controlled ventilation, water saving flushing equipment and more!

WC Boxes

  • Efficient use of space through small and compact WC boxes (5’ and 8’), perfect for event use as well as construction site
  • Sturdy galvanized steel frame and white steel interior decor
  • Aluminum flooring allows for increased use duration, as well as quick and easy cleaning

Storage Container

  • Available in a wide range of sizes, including 6’, 8’, 10’ and 20’
  • Carefully manufactured in our Slovakian factory with ISO 9001 and GL certification
  • Available with wooden or steel flooring, stackable up to 3 high and allowing for handling via forklift or crane
  • Lifting payload up to 6,5 tonnes, storage up to 10 tonnes
  • Anti-vandal equipment, including galvanized locking devices, 4 internal anti-jemmy devices, internal security lock with lock cylinder (and thus no padlock required) with additional options of steel exterior locking box
  • Also available with space saving opening and closing sectional doors. The smooth manual opening includes a burglar-resistant latch lock and turning handle with steel cylinder.
  • Electrical features optional, as well as secure personnel doors and windows and internal shelving
  • Delivery via “Russian Doll” principle allows for cost-efficient shipping of various sizes