Eldapoint is a specialist in the fabrication of steel buildings. With years of experience in manufacturing portable steel units, its experienced team will guide you through the process of planning, design and installation.

Anti-vandal site offices

Anti-vandal units are perfect for sites that do not have 24/7 security. They offer peace of mind that valuable goods and information remain safe during unmanned hours. They are available in a variety of sizes and can be used for a multitude of purposes.

Anti-vandal site canteens 

Anti-vandal canteens are can be customised to meet your exact requirements and include kitchen facilities, sink and hot and cold running water. The fit-out is designed to your specifications with worktops, tables and seating to help ensure comfort during breaks.

Anti-vandal site toilets 

Site toilet blocks are built in the UK and come fully equipped inside to include urinals, cubicles and sinks. Toilet blocks can be configured for single-sex or with separate compartments for male and female use.

Fire certificated portable buildings 

These anti-vandal fire rated units conform to the latest fire regulations and come with a choice of flat-sided or corrugated steel side walls and windows. A pre-installed fire curtain is automatically triggered in the event of a fire, preventing fire spreading from the windows.

Steel fabrication enclosures 

Steel enclosures can be designed and fabricated to meet your exact specifications. An expert team will ensure the smooth delivery of your enclosure, complete with all the fitted components you need at a location of your choice.