Qdos Event Hire has supplied cabins to V Festival in Chelmsford every year since its inception in 2010. This year was no exception with more than 150 cabins required by the organisers and production team for the duration of the build, show days and de-rig of the event.

The company prides itself on the quality of its product and is constantly adding stock to its range of event accommodation and investing in cabins. We are fortunate that to be part of the Newship Group, a successful private family owned group of manufacturing, distribution and hire companies, which allows us to invest in our products, ensuring they are maintained them to an exceptionally high standard and able to add to stock levels when required.

V Festival is Qdos’ single biggest, cabin only, job of the year and its entire product range is deployed to successfully fulfil the contract. It takes a great deal of preparation and logistical planning to ensure that everything is delivered to site in the correct order and location. Installing and removing more than 150 cabins in the allotted timescale is a real achievement and utilises Qdos’ onsite project management team’s skillsets to the fullest.

With the first cabin installed on 7th August, the onsite team had just over a week to ensure that all the cabins were in place by 16thAugust. Once the event concluded the team then had a small window for the removal of most of the cabins, leaving before 26th August, and just a handful remaining until the following week for production.

The 150 cabins were supplied for a whole range of purposes in a variety of sizes including 8ft x 8ft, 10ft x 8ft and 20ft x 8ft containers used for storage including pyrotechnics; 8ft x 8ft ticket offices; 12ft x 9ft open plan offices; 16ft x 9ft open plan offices with windowed ticket offices; 24ft x 9ft and 24ft x 10ft supplied in a combination of open plan offices, split offices and windowed ticket offices; 24ft x 10ft; 32ft x 10ft and 40ft x 10ft hospitality units and 20ft x 8ft modular units with balconies.

They were used as:

  • Offices for key members of the production team
  • Production Compound for sponsors and contractors
  • Box offices
  • Information points for festival goers
  • Artist reception areas
  • Mobile police stations; Council, Highways & Fire Brigade
  • Dressing Rooms and Artist Liaison Areas
  • Police Operational Planning & Custody Areas
  • Media Centres
  • Pyro Stores
  • Left Luggage
  • Merchandising

Many of the cabins were supplied with additional features such as internal locking doors, furniture, carpeting, heating, sinks, counter tops and additional partition walls ensuring all the units were delivered to organiser’s exact requirements.

Two additional units were provided for V Festival’s key sponsors Mahiki and Smirnoff.