The Voice 2017 Case Study

Qdos Event Hire provided offices, dressing rooms and toilets at LH2 in North West London for the recording and broadcasting of the live shows of this year’s series of The Voice this February, March and April. Qdos worked directly for technical site management company CSG Events, who were appointed by ITV to oversee the additional infrastructure required to deliver the live shows.

Qdos installed a 20ft x 32ft open plan office, constructed from CTX modular bays, for use as a lighting gallery production area. To utilise the space this was built on top of storage containers the same size. The company also provided two 24ft x 9ft open plan and double stacked event offices that served as an office for Digital Technologies, the team responsible for managing the live vote and three dressing rooms for use by guest artists, vocal rehearsals and additional capacity for the live shows. In addition, Qdos supplied male, female and disabled toilets and a security office.

The project culminated with the show’s final on 1st and 2nd April when Mo Adeniran crowned the winner. The Qdos team returned to site as soon as the show went off air and had removed all of the kit overnight due to restrictions as the venue.