Qdos Event Hire was contracted by Studio Lambert, the television company behind the Channel 4’s brand new reality show, The Circle to create and deliver the production compound. Qdos created and delivered offices for casting, runners, the games team, show executives and the production team, along with editing suites, finishing suites, workshop, canteen and storage areas.

Qdos was able to supply a combination of CTX units from its new range of modular buildings, jackleg cabins, storage containers and luxury vacuum toilet trailers to meet Studio Lambert’s exact requirements. Qdos also delivered several bespoke features, including large cable access point, staircases, partition walls and air-conditioning units.

The Qdos team arrived onsite on 20th August to install the units, handing over to the client on Friday 24th August. It was important that the show’s production team had a comfortable and practical space to carry out all the necessary work and preparation for the programme ahead of its launch and to produce and broadcast the show once it went live.

In addition, Qdos provided a complete waste management solution, being a temporary site there was no mains drainage or water supply in situ. As the site was in constant use during the live period, the Qdos team was on call and available 24/7.

Launched on 18th September 2018, The Circle aired for 21 days, with the live final broadcast on 8th October. 18. The show, billed as “the new Big Brother”, involved contestants living in a block of flats, never meeting face-to-face, and only communicating through a social media device. Alex Hobern, who has posed as a female called Kate throughout was the overall winning, taking home a £75,000 prize.


Finishing Suite and Casting – 3 x double stacked 20’x 8’ CTX Open Plan

Voice Over and Ingest – 2 x double stacked 20’ x 8’ CTX Open Plan

Editing Suites – 4 x double stacked 16’ x 9’ Jackleg Cabins

Games Team and Workshop – 2 x double stacked 20’ x 8’ CTX Open Plan

Games Team – 20’ x 8’ CTX with an 80/20 split

Edit, Runners & Storage – 20’x 9’ CTX Open Plan and 8’ x 8’ Storage Container

Canteen – 20’ x 24’ CTX Open Plan 3 Bay

Executive Office – 20’ x 32’ CTX Open Plan 4 Bay

Production Office – 16’ x 40’ CTX Open Plan 6 Bay

Production – 2 x luxury vacuum toilet trailers