ITV Studios, Bovingdon Case Study

Qdos Location Facilities has been delivering infrastructure to ITV Studios, Bovingdon since its inception, supplying temporary buildings, cabins and welfare facilities.

With a packed filming schedule for several of ITV’s flagship weekend shows, including Masked Singer, Masked Danced, Starstruck and Dancing on Ice and BBC quiz show The Wheel, we maintain a minimum requirement of kit which is added to and removed as each programme requires.

Our facilities include:

  • Bespoke crew and artist dining area complete with integral kitchen and toilets created using 22 of our 20’ x 8’ modular CTX bays.
  • Two-storey VIP dressing room complex with individual ensuite dressing rooms, complete with carpeting, soft furnishings, dressing areas and flat screen TVs; wardrobe area; talent manager office and additional overspill rooms for costumes and props, the entire building is access via digital key control. Within the complex we build a central corridor which not only links the nine private dressing rooms but connects directly to the main building and studio, complete with its own private access. This has all been designed by our in-house team.
  • 32’ Next Generation Production Offices and storage containers for use by the studio management team.
  • 8’ x 5’ security hut.
  • Luxury toilets are added for presenters and judges as required.
  • Purpose built accreditation unit created from 3 of our 20’ x 8’ modular CTX bays and encompassing double doors for safe (during the pandemic) and easy visitor ingress/egress.
  • Jackleg toilet blocks for pre-show audience areas.
  • Additional CTX units are utilised as radio shacks and voiceover booths.
  • 3-bay CTX unit for the arts & prop office
  • 4-bay CTX unit utilised as Lighting Gallery with air conditioning units installed, the same area also encompasses 24’ cabins for power, screens and dimmer operatives and has its off 20’ mixed jackleg toilet.
  • 30’ x 16’ modular office space is utilised by Executive Producers or additional costume space depending on the production.

Our extensive product range, expertise and close proximity to the studio ensure that we’re able to rapidly deploy solutions as and when required. We maintain an excellent working relationship with the studio management team and all stakeholders who know that they can rely on us to deliver what they need.