Rapid deployment for Dorset Council Case Study

Qdos Event Hire’s expert team of installers swung into action recently to support their colleagues at sister company Rollalong Ltd with a rapid response project.

One of Rollalong’s existing clients, Dorset Council was looking to address Beaucroft Foundation School’s urgent requirement to provide additional teaching spaces at incredibly short notice. Knowing that Qdos has a modular building solution that was perfect for the purpose, the kit was sourced and the team dispatched. Three individual 20’ x 32’ open plan spaces were created, each comprised from a 4-bay CTX unit.

The entire install, from order to handover, was completed within seven days, including the coordination of a team of electricians (who tested and installed emergency and external lighting once onsite) and cleaners.

The project was a great example of how companies within the Newship Group pull together with a sense of camaraderie to really deliver for clients. Feedback was extremely positive.

“I went to site yesterday and I just have to say a huge THANK YOU! It is amazing how quickly you have turned this round for the school.  They look good and they were filling up with equipment very quickly.  The kids will be very happy with them until their college is finished.”

Sam Evers, Senior Delivery Manager, Assets & Property, Dorset Council