Operation London Bridge case study

Qdos Event Hire had a longstanding contract with several key stakeholders who were responsible for the delivery of Operation London Bridge. The plan has been in place for many years and was updated regularly Qdos was engaged by broadcasters, the Metropolitan Police and the event management companies to ensure that the necessary kit required was prepped and ready for rapid deployment in the event of HM The Queen’s passing.

In the hours and days following the announcement of her HM The Queen’s death on 8th September, the Qdos team oversaw the delivery, installation, operation and servicing of 113 cabins and welfare facilities to multiple clients at 19 separate sites in central London and Windsor. They were required for the period of official mourning and the state funeral.

Once the announcement was made on the after of 8th September, the Qdos team activated a meticulous plan that had been in place for many years to ensure that the units required could be prepared, transport secured and units mobilised in a timely fashion as required. Clients included ITN, the Metropolitan Police, WM Events, Media Structures, H Power and several key suppliers.

Units deployed included:

ITN (for use by ITN, Sky, BBC and BBC Events)

Sites installed: Windsor and Canada Gate

  • 8 x 16’ x 9’ open plan cabins
  • 17 x 32’ x 10’ open plan and 50/50 split cabins
  • 20’ x 9’ cabin

Metropolitan Police

Sites installed: Windsor Castle, Regents Park, Winfield House, Birdcage Walk, Macclesfield Bridge and Belgrave

  • 3 x 3+2 vacuum toilets
  • 20’ x 9’ open plan cabin
  • 18’ mobile office
  • 10’ x 8’ store
  • 5 x 32’ x 10’ open plan cabin
  • 2 x 24’ x 9’ open plan cabin
  • 1+1 toilet
  • 4 +2 toilet
  • Water bowsers

WM Events

Sites installed: Canada Gate, Victoria Tower Gardens, AB Park, Pots Park and St. James Palace

  • 32’ x 10’ open plan cabin
  • 3 x 10’ store
  • 8’ x 5’ gate house
  • 9 x 20’ x 9’ cabin
  • 7 x 24’ x 9’ cabin
  • 6 x 18’ mobile offices
  • 24’ x 9’ hospitality unit
  • 4 x 20’ x 10’ CTX units

Media Structures

Sites installed: Alexandra Gardens and Canada Gate

  • 3 x 24’ x 9’ open plan offices
  • 1+1 toilet
  • 11 x 24’ x 9’ cabins in a combination of open plan and 50/50 split
  • 2 x 32’ x 10’ open plan cabins
  • 2 x 32’ x 10’ hospitality units
  • 2 x 3+2 vacuum toilets

H Power

Sites installed: Home Park, Endurance Site and the Long Walk, all at Windsor Castle

  • 10 x 24’x 9’ open plan offices
  • 16’ x 9’ open plan office
  • 8’ x 8’ cabin
  • 20’ x 8’ CTX unit

Transport partners were contacted swiftly and despite the huge demands of the transport network as the whole of Operation London Bridge was put into action, they were able to respond.

Whilst having the correct units to meet the requirements was important, it is without questions that Qdos’ unrivalled expertise and knowledge of the sites and excellent working relationships with the operational teams on the ground ensured that this project was a success. Knowing where transport can access key sites and being able to manage the personalities and expectations in a hugely pressurised situation is undoubtedly why Qdos is the award winning and highly respected supplier of choice for so many of the UK’s most prestigious events.