NHS Dragon’s Heart and Nightingale Hospitals

From the outset of the pandemic Qdos Event Hire has been on-hand to support the fight against Coronavirus, from adopting Covid-safe working methods to ensure the safety of its staff and clients, to adapting its products and services to meet ever changing requirements in uncertain times. The provision of cabins to the two logistics teams responsible for the Dragon’s Heart Hospital in Cardiff and the Nightingale Hospital in Bristol demonstrate the Qdos team’s resilience and ability to rapidly respond whatever the challenge.

Qdos delivered over 20 units to the Dragon’s Heart Hospital at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff. 32’, 24’ and 20’ open plan cabins were utilised as offices for the principal contractor and various trades onsite, including electricians and plumbers. There were also dedicated cabins for catering staff and labourers. Qdos also provided two 20’ steel stores and two 24’ offices with windows that were used for site inductions.

Over in Bristol, working with a separate principal contractor, responsible for delivering the city’s Nightingale Hospital, Qdos supplied a range of offices in different sizes and configurations, including 24’ and 32’ cabins with a variety of open plan and split areas to meet the client’s onsite requirements. It also provided its 8’ x 8’ three window ticket offices which were utilised for site inductions.