The Qdos team continuously research Clients’ eventa requirements and, along with their own observations from years of experience in the industry, ensure the Qdos product range fully meets these requirements. Qdos has an extensive range of modern high quality and innovative products.

Clients from world-class events have been thrilled with Qdos’ modernisation of temporary applications, listed on the right are a few examples.

Flexible Accommodation

The Qdos accommodation is available in a wide range of sizes from 8ft to 40ft; the jackleg cabins can be linked to increase the size, or double stacked to create two-storey accommodation. The accommodation is very versatile and can be used for a range of applications, below are a few examples.

Innovation in Accommodation

Qdos accommodation standard features include:

  • Wheelchair accessible doors
  • Large picture windows allowing maximum light with window blinds for privacy
  • Maximum number of windows fitted within the available wall space
  • Plastic coated steel interior allowing use of magnetic fixings reducing internal damage
  • Flexible internal partition systems that enable the unit to have bespoke layouts for each event. The units are delivered to the event, already configured to the Client’s requested partition layout.
  • A number of units are pre-prepared for temporary air conditioning
  • Low level lifting points to reduce working at height risks
  • No polymeric foam in the insulation therefore improving the units environmental footprint
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