Mains wheelchair accessible Toilets and Baby Changing Facilities
Our mains wheelchair accessible toilets are designed to meet the needs of wheelchair users with all the essentials such as an alarm pull cord and audible/visual exterior alarm. As well as added features that make the unit more comfortable such as a full length mirror.

The mains wheelchair accessible toilet is a highly cost effective option. The toilets can be connected to the mains waste and water. Alternatively, if the mains waste isn’t accessible we utilize a waste tank underneath the cabin which is serviced whilst in use and only connect to the mains water.

Baby Changing Facilities:

The baby changing facilities are within the spacious wheelchair accessible toilet units. The large access doors means that it is easy for parents with prams to access the facilities. The drop down baby changing table provides a simple to use changing facility.

Standard features:

  • Plastic coated steel interior to reduce internal damage
  • Low level lifting points to reduce working at height risks
  • No polymeric foam in the insulation therefore improving the product’s environmental footprint


Our wheelchair accessible toilets and baby changing facilities are ideal for most events including concerts, carnivals, festivals, air shows, exhibitions and sporting events.

Technical information:

Size: 8′ x 7.5′
Exterior colour:Goose wing grey
Interior colour:White / Grey
Power required:32amp
Heating:Fan heater
Lighting:CAT 5 lighting
Water/Waste:Mains water, Mains or Tank Waste
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